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The Linsly School

60 Knox Lane
Wheeling, WV 26003

About The Linsly School

The Linsly School offers a traditional college preparatory program where academic excellence and character development are emphasized in every facet of student life. Established in 1814 by Noah Linsly under the motto, “Forward and No Retreat,” the school emphasizes hard work, perseverance, and commitment. At the time of its founding, Linsly followed a Lancastrian educational model in a small two-story schoolhouse. Today, Linsly occupies approximately fifty acres near the historic National Road in Wheeling, West Virginia. The school enrolls 450 students in grades 5-12. Primarily a day school, Linsly also offers a robust boarding option, housing one hundred students from nine states and twenty-four countries.

Since its founding and through all of its incarnations, Linsly has emphasized individual attention as the primary means of developing each student’s intellect and character. The school’s “No Quit” policy requires students to finish all undertakings they begin. Guided by an expectation of personal responsibility and resilience, Linsly students build their own talents and extend the school’s tradition of excellence.

Linsly provides a structured, traditional curriculum through which students develop the intellectual foundations essential for lifelong success. Middle School students (grades 5-8) study multiple languages, experience inquiry-based science instruction, pursue ability-grouped mathematics, and discover connections among the world’s cultures. In addition to traditional instruction in music and art, all Linsly Middle School students participate in a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) experience that focuses on interdisciplinary project-based and collaborative learning. The STEAM curriculum introduces real-word scenarios and develops critical thinking, communication, and problem solving skills.

Building upon the Middle School program, Upper School students (9-12) develop habits essential  for college success. Through a blend of disciplined learning in core subjects and the creative pursuit of individual interests, students in the Upper School think, write, and reason with informed clarity and purpose. In addition, all Upper School students participate in The James F. Companion Leadership Institute, which offers a four-year leadership curriculum in a seminar and workshop format. The curriculum develops leadership skills to prepare students for a life of success and significance while also equipping them to be impactful and productive members of a college or university setting. Seminars and workshops are taught by Linsly instructors, but also frequently utilize guest speakers, and help students better understand how their actions, habits, and mindset will influence their success when learning, collaborating, leading, and interacting with people of diverse backgrounds.

As a complement to academics, Linsly encourages students to develop their physical skills and realize individual interests through a well-managed program of athletic, artistic, and extracurricular activities. By modeling Linsly’s core values, Linsly faculty members serve as role models and mentors. Comprehensive and character based, the Linsly experience prepares people to earn their success in life through principled determination.