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Catlin Gabel School

8825 SW Barnes Rd.
Portland, Oregon, 97225

About Catlin Gabel School

Catlin Gabel School is an independent, coeducational day school dedicated to academic excellence, lifelong learning, multiculturalism, and customized attention to students’ aptitudes, interests, and learning styles. Situated on a 54-acre wooded campus in Portland, Oregon, Catlin Gabel offers an enriched curriculum blending science, mathematics, humanities, the arts, athletics, and a strong sense of community for students in preschool through twelfth grade. The school is independently governed by a board of trustees as a nonprofit institution without religious affiliation.

Established in 1957 with roots in predecessor schools dating to 1859, Catlin Gabel School is guided by the philosophy of progressive education. All Catlin Gabel students are educated to engage in a world that is complex, swiftly changing, and culturally diverse. Academic emphasis is on creative and critical thinking rather than information processing. All students engage in community service every year; their growing awareness of their place in the world is fostered by cross-cultural exposure and opportunities for international learning. Catlin Gabel School graduates students who will be effective citizens in a global future.

Catlin Gabel’s Upper School program fosters a lifelong love of learning and prepares students for productive experiences in college and beyond. The program introduces each student to a wide spectrum of scholastic endeavor while encouraging in-depth study in fields of major interest. The Upper School goal is the progressive mastery of the tools of inquiry and expression, understanding of fundamental mathematical and scientific ideas and techniques, active participation in the arts, and development of teamwork and physical coordination through athletics.

Understanding of the learning process has served to deepen the awareness of each pupil as the focus of consideration, be they gifted or in need of remedial assistance. Styles and speed of learning, background influences, and individual interests and needs are taken into account as teachers plan courses, counsel advisees, and work with students. This unwavering commitment, which is core to the school’s mission, has created an educational environment that nurtures all students’ creative gifts and growing intellects.