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Winchester Thurston School

555 Morewood Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

About Winchester Thurston School

Winchester Thurston School is an independent, non-sectarian college preparatory school with a history of high academic standards and progressive educational programs. It is the product of the 1935 merger of two schools for girls, Thurston (founded in 1887) and Winchester (founded in 1909) and is now coeducational. Winchester Thurston offers a rigorous academic curriculum complemented by competitive athletics, award-winning performing and visual arts, a broad range of extracurricular programs and activities, and a strong commitment to community service.

Located on a vibrant City Campus in the cultural and educational heart of Pittsburgh, WT utilizes the location as the centerpiece of our hallmark program City as Our Campus. Initially funded by a grant from the E.E. Ford Foundation in 2005, Winchester Thurston School’s City as Our Campus program amplifies student learning by providing unique educational opportunities with leaders from the academic, cultural, scientific, nonprofit, and business community in Pittsburgh. City as Our Campus is an extension of WT’s core academic curriculum and augments it by providing meaningful, real-world experiences. By working with diverse members of the community—and with a range of resources, tools, and materials—students don’t just gain understanding of the community’s most pressing issues, they work to solve them.

WT’s Philosophy of Teaching and Learning is our Mission in practice. At Winchester Thurston School, we offer an equitable and inclusive learning experience that is grounded in our credo to “Think also of the comfort and the rights of others”, guiding our commitments to:

Learn Passionately: We empower all individuals to drive their own learning through a relevant and immersive experience.

Foster Community: We embrace strong relationships as a critical component for powerful learning.

Embrace Diversity: We enable individuals to understand their own identity while honoring multiple perspectives.

Break Boundaries: We support deep learning that happens across disciplines and in non-traditional settings.

Create Change: We nurture learners to be active and engaged citizens who challenge inequities, address real problems, and make an impact in our school and our city.

Through these efforts, we will develop individuals of strong character and prepare them for the demands of a changing world.