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Maret School

3000 Cathedral Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008
(202) 939-8800

About Maret School

Maret is a vibrant, K–12 coeducational independent school in Washington, DC. We ignite our students’ potential; foster their academicartistic, and athletic talents; and promote their well-being. We develop the mind, nurture curiosity, welcome challenge, embrace joy, and build community that is equitable and inclusive.

Maret provides a vigorous and dynamic curriculum, created by a skilled faculty of lifelong learners. We instill a devotion to academic excellence and a love for discovery and exploration. From our inception in 1911, Maret has adopted proven educational tenets while pursuing innovative approaches to learning.

Maret believes that social and emotional development is central to students’ well-being and success. We encourage our students to tackle challenges in a culture of nurtured risk taking. We want them to push beyond their comfort zone so they can build resilience, character, and robust problem-solving skills.

Maret is an inclusive community that embraces diversity of perspective, experience, identity, circumstance, and talent. Our size and single campus foster meaningful connections among students, faculty, and parents. Our historic campus and its location in the nation’s capital are integral to our program. We engage in service opportunities that enhance students’ sense of civic responsibility and leadership. Students graduate from Maret well equipped to excel in future academic endeavors and to lead confident and fulfilling lives in an ever-changing world.