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The Pembroke Hill School

400 W. 51st St.
Kansas City, MO 64112

About Pembroke Hill School

The Pembroke Hill School is Kansas City’s premier co-educational independent school serving more than 1,100 students from ages 2 years through 12th grade. Located on two beautiful campuses near the heart of the city in Missouri, Pembroke Hill is guided by its mission, Together, cultivating the best in each, for the benefit of all. The school is dedicated to helping each student thrive in an environment where they are able to develop their intellectual, physical and creative abilities in the quest to become global thinkers and world citizens.

Founded in 1984, Pembroke Hill was created through the merger of The Pembroke-Country Day School for boys (established in 1910) and The Sunset Hill School for girls (established in 1913). Both schools shared a common founder, Vassie James Hill, who believed that the education of children is society’s most important act and that great value must be placed on children and their individual capabilities. Pembroke Hill is still grounded in her fundamental belief that students learn best by actively participating in a wide variety of experiences.

The school offers a rigorous and challenging curriculum and a learning environment that fosters in students the joy of learning, the love of discovery, the confidence to grow and a sense of responsibility and respect for others. Pembroke Hill teachers are some of the finest in the region, mentoring and supporting students through their roles as classroom teachers, coaches and advisers. In all of its programs and activities, the school seeks to fulfill its promise that every child is known, cared for and valued in a growth-oriented culture of excellence where positive and supportive relationships exist.

Pembroke Hill graduates are expected to be people of character who understand the importance of serving others while making a difference in their communities. They are to exhibit a global perspective with a sound knowledge base in core academic disciplines and an aesthetic appreciation.