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Severn School

201 Water Street
Severna Park, MD 21146

About Severn School

Severn School is an independent, coeducational, nonprofit, college preparatory day school serving a diverse student population of approximately 600 students in grades six through twelve. The entrance and graduation requirements, the curriculum and programs, the selection of faculty and staff, and the financial operations are based upon the school’s stated philosophy and mission. The Severn School community of students, parents, trustees, alumni and friends supports these purposes.


Severn School believes in educating the whole person in a student-centered, supportive educational community that values the dignity, self worth, and potential of each individual.


Severn School challenges its students to pursue excellence in character, conduct, and scholarship, to marshal the courage to lead, and to develop the lasting desire to serve and achieve. We believe this is best realized in a community where adults model these qualities and where each student is known and valued.

Located six miles from Annapolis, Maryland, Severn School was founded in 1914 to provide academic preparation for young men interested in applying to the United States Naval Academy. Today Severn strives to meet the needs of college-bound students of both genders while challenging them to realize personal excellence. Students are provided varied opportunities to demonstrate scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and sportsmanship both in and out of the classroom.

At Severn, students follow the lead of capable, qualified, and highly engaged teachers, coaches and mentors who practice what they teach. They offer relevant learning by integrating intellectual ideals with the real life challenges of what lies ahead, and they meet every challenge with vigor and imagination. Severn’s ultimate goal for its student is a life fully realized – one in which the student continues to seek new growth, insight and achievement for a lifetime.

Our students strike out on a range of critical, meaningful, creative, and relevant paths—not because they must, but because their curiosity and budding intellects compel them. To see our young scholars in action, look no further than the Severn Fellows Program, in which seniors elect to undertake a year-long, in-depth study of a subject of their choosing. Despite receiving no academic credit, students jump at the opportunity and present remarkable, innovative projects to our community every year.

Severn students are encouraged to follow their curiosity. From the Italian exchange program to Model UN, Ancient Civilizations to Advanced Robotics, Severn offerings are classical but diverse. Severn School’s leadership program offers leadership labs, unsung leader awards, opportunities to run for student government, and other explicit opportunities to develop the tools, skills, and ideas essential to strong leadership. Students are encouraged to speak up, take part in decision-making processes, and become an active participant in their own learning.

Severn School students are a happy few who take the lessons they have learned—in character, conduct, and scholarship—and enter their college years and adult lives empowered as leaders, advocates and, above all, citizens with a broad perspective and a sense of purpose.