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Stanford Online High School

415 Broadway
Stanford University – Redwood City Campus
Redwood City, California 94063
(650) 721-9400

About Stanford Online High School

Stanford Online High School (OHS) is an independent school serving academically advanced students in grades 7-12. Founded in 2006 as a three-year high school with a gift from the Malone Family Foundation, Stanford OHS expanded to include a middle school with an additional gift in 2009. Stanford OHS fulfills the Foundation’s mission to provide a challenging education for motivated students, and particularly complements the Malone Scholars Program by offering a suitable option for highly capable students in locations across the country without access to a brick-and-mortar Malone network school.

Stanford OHS offers students a rigorous academic program focused on development of skills in written and oral communication, principles of critical thinking and argumentation, and intellectual maturity and responsibility. Students are placed in courses based on their grade level and ability in each subject. Even middle school students have the option to pursue high school courses in areas of special talent or acceleration.

A central component of Stanford OHS is the unique Core Sequence of interdisciplinary philosophy courses. Core courses cultivate critical and creative thought, and provide a common intellectual framework to unite our curriculum. Students have ample opportunity through our wide course offerings, including Advanced Placement (AP)-level and post-AP-level courses.

A cornerstone of the academic experience at Stanford OHS is the college-style discussion seminar. All courses are held synchronously online, with teachers and students coming together for high-level discussions about the course material multiple times each week. Discussion seminars cultivate an intellectual community in which students are guided by expert instructors. Instructors at Stanford OHS are chosen for their expertise and accomplishment, as well as their experience and dedication to teaching highly talented students in middle and high school. Class sizes typically do not exceed 16 students in high school courses, or 14 students in middle school courses.

Our college-style class schedule encourages independence, discipline, and strong time-management skills in our students. This schedule format allows our students to pursue their diverse interests and exceptional talents from a variety of locations and time zones around the world. Moreover, flexible full-time, part-time, and single course enrollment options allow us to accommodate the varied needs of our community.

Outside of their studies, Stanford OHS students participate in a rich array of clubs and activities. Students at any level of enrollment are eligible and welcome to participate in student life activities at the school. All 50+ online clubs are student-led: selecting their leadership team, determining the club agenda and focus, pursuing their own goals. Each club is supported by an instructor or staff sponsor, occasionally acting as a chaperone for any in-person meetings. Recent clubs include Model United Nations, yearbook, gender and sexuality alliance (GSA), and a variety of other clubs dedicated to cultural and academic interests. Stanford OHS hosts a very active student government, with students electing representation for the student body and each grade level, and advocates within the school’s administration. Stanford OHS students also participate nationally and internationally in academic competitions, hackathons, conferences including: multiple Olympiads, Ethics Bowl, Model UN, Robotics, National Latin Exam, and math competitions. 

The student community is galvanized when gathering in person: at regional meetups hosted by families around the US and across six continents, traveling to our school-wide graduation weekend and other on-campus events, and attending a 1-2 week residential summer program at the Stanford University campus.

For more information, please visit the school’s website at ohs.stanford.edu.