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Trinity Preparatory School

5700 Trinity Prep Lane
Winter Park, FL 32792
(407) 671-4140

About Trinity Preparatory School

In more than 50 years of serving Central Florida, Trinity Preparatory School continues to lead the way in providing its students with a high-level, holistic, educational experience that embraces our “Saints” for who they are as individuals, empowering them to become who they wish to be, and preparing them to develop into what the world truly needs — brave leaders, deep thinkers, and overall good citizens.

Our Trinity Prep students are curious, and we want to continue to build upon that need for them to further question, learn, and grow. Our students want to find their “fit,” and we feel very strongly that our community here at Trinity Prep allows them to know that they belong and that they have a strong structure and level of safety to rely on. Our students have a network of supporters; people who are inspiring them, providing feedback, not judgment, and furnishing them with creative spaces and the tools they need to discover solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

In support of our mission, we are committed to these core values: educational excellence, both academic and extra-curricular; character development; the Trinity family; and spiritual growth.

Our Trinity Prep students serve others through numerous volunteer opportunities and support many local and national philanthropic organizations and student service projects. International travel is a significant component of the Trinity Prep experience. Our students are broadening world views and ways of thinking by experiencing different cultures firsthand. The global perspective we provide ensures Trinity Prep students are embracing diverse cultures, ethnic groups, religions, and languages. 

Trinity Prep believes that to meet the challenges of the future, and the students of today, we must be committed to excellence in academics, quality of character, and in leadership. This can only be accomplished in an environment where opportunities for achievement can be broadly and safely explored. Our faculty, counselors, coaches, and advisors challenge our students to feel and perform their best. Our 880 students, diverse in both experience and thought, come from the entire Orlando area and across the globe to pursue our college preparatory program.